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These catnip teeth brushing sticks are specially designed to gently massage your cat’s teeth and gums while removing plaque and tartar. The bristles are made of durable, soft, natural bamboo. The non-toxic catnip flavor will keep your feline entertained as it brushes.


Provides A Gentle Oral Hygiene Routine For Cats

This catnip teeth brushing stick is a great tool for a daily brushing routine. For cats that are nervous of having their teeth brushed, this tooth brush is a great alternative. In the early stages of dental health, cats do not like being brushed because they may feel like they are being disciplined or reprimanded. This is why the tooth brush is an excellent alternative.

The catnip brush is made out of non-porous plastic. The bristles on the tooth brush are softer than a standard tooth brush. This makes it easy for the cat to take it in their mouth. The bristles are also longer than a standard tooth brush. The cat can easily reach their tongue. If your cat is a sensitive one, this is the best option for them.


Keeps Your Cat’s Mouth Clean And Fresh

For cat owners who love their cat’s smile, but also need to brush their teeth from time to time, these catnip toothbrushes provide a fun way to keep your cat’s teeth clean. 


Aids In Proper Nutrition

Cats are natural creatures of the forest and the mountains, and the perfect place to live for them. However, it is very rare that we would find a wild cat living near a human home. The reasons vary from habitat loss to the fact that the natural diet of a wildcat is usually meat. This is where the concept of the Catnip Teeth Brush comes into play.

This catnip teeth brushing stick is specifically designed for cats and it has been made to mimic a wildcat’s natural food. It is the ultimate choice for cats who like to eat meat, and can provide them with the right type of food that they need.



  • Item Type: Teeth Cleaning Snack
  • Contains: Natural Catnip
  • Stick Size: 12 x 0.5 cm
  • Set: Optional
  • Features: Catnip Sticks, Cat’s Snack Sticks, Teeth Cleaning Snack
Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 11 cm


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Chew Toys


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