Cat Food and Nutrition
14 Mar

Cat Food and Nutrition

Keeping your cat healthy and happy is an important task to do and the best place to start is by talking about what kind of cat food you feed. Cats are classified as carnivores. This means they do not really need carbohydrates because their diets consist mostly of animal-based protein. In fact, studies have shown that a higher amount of carbohydrates in the cat diet can lead to obesity, urinal disease, and kidney disease.

There are 3 different types of cat’s food that are all great option for your cat which is dry, canned and raw.


Dry Food

Dry food is the most popular form of cat food because it cost effective and easy to store. While it is a convenient way to feed your cat but sometimes the lack of moisture can cause dehydration. Just make sure your cat gets enough water if you choose to feed your cat dry food.


Canned Food

Another popular option for the cat is canned food due to its high protein and high moisture content. Do not forget to invest in some can cover and always refrigerate your canned after opening.


Raw Food

Raw food is slowly gaining popularity among cat parents because of it more similar to a diet that a cat would have. Additionally, cat’s teeth are designed to tear apart meat and low levels of carbohydrate in their diet will help your cat thrive. If you want to try a raw diet of your cat, be sure to always store everything properly and wash your bowls after feeding every day.

A cat’s diet is important to its overall health and if you are interested in your cat to try new food, stop by at any pet store or shop and ask them to recommend a perfect diet for your cat’s friend.

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