11 Ways Make Your Cats Love You
28 Jan

11 Ways Make Your Cats Love You

Cuddling and petting are traditional ways to show you love your cat, but there are many more ways to show your affection. In this post, there are 11 ways you can make your cats love you. 


1. Slow Eye Blink At Her

Cats slow eye blink at each other and at their humans when they are feeling relaxed and loving. You can slow eye blink back at your cat, too, and she will understand the feline gestures as love.


2. Use Interactive Toys To Play With Her

Cats are predators, but they often do not get to use those instincts as much as they need to when they are house cats. You can allow your cat the outlet of chasing prey by providing interactive toys for her. Spend at least 10 minutes or more a day playing with your cat using a wand toy.


3. Give Her As Many Comfortable Beds

Cats love to sleep and providing great quality, cozy beds is a great way to show yours you love her.


4. Provide Scratching Posts

Cats need to scratch to stay emotionally and physically healthy.


5. Groom Her

Try brushing her gently, or even just petting her if she seems to prefer that.


6. Massage Your Cat

Try to massage your cat at least 10 minutes or more in a day.


7. Take A Cat Nap

A cat that loves and trust you will be completely comfortable sleeping around you. Curl you with your kitty, she will feel the love knowing that you both trust each other.


8. Let Her Rub On You

When your kitty rubs against you, she is paying you the ultimate compliment of leaving her scent behind and claiming you as part of her family. You can accept this gesture by allowing her to claim you. Try extend your index finger towards her nose to give her the opportunity to rub her cheeks along your hand.


9. Talk Back To Your Cat (If She Purr On You)

If you have a chatty kitty and have a knack of mimicking, you can try and talk back. Some owners can have really prolonged conversations with their kitties.


10. Feed Her With Healthy Food

Cats love to eat and will eat just about any kind of cat food you offer them. It is important for you as the owner to make sure the brand you choose is healthy. Also, feeding your cat nothing but dry is asking for health problems.


11. Use Treats

Be sure not to overdo it, once or twice a day, a few treats at a time is fine.


Summary: Last but not least, happy showering your cats with lots of love. Don’t ever loose sight on your companion.

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