10 Surprising Cool Interesting Facts About Cats
11 Mar

10 Surprising Cool Interesting Facts About Cats

In this post, we are going to vent our whiskers 10 surprising cool interesting facts about cats.


1. Cats Are Smarter

Cats are smarter than you think. There are super intuitive and have complex emotions much as we do and they know when you are yelling at them even they do not seem to care. So the next time you need to discipline your kitty, talk to her lovingly and you may be surprised at the results.


2. Breeding

Cats are amongst the most prolific breeders in the animal kingdom. Just one pair of cats can produce half a million offspring’s together in just seven years. They may need a lesson in family planning 🙂 


3. Nose Print

Just like human fingerprints, cats have their own unique nose prints. While this may not be much help unless you know catching a cat burglar.


4. Sweat

Cats sweat through their paws which is why they may leave a trail of sweat footprints on a hot summer day. However, because those teensy-weensy paws have two smaller surface area to efficiently cool kitty, they will find shady areas to sit and you know just chill.


5. Sleep

On average cat spent 2/3 of the days sleeping and that means a 9-year-old cat has been awake for only 3 years of her life!


6. Own You

We have already ascertained that cats are pretty smart creatures that they sometimes trick us into believing that they are really us. When a cat rubs up against their owner, it has nothing to do with affection but instead, it is kitty’s way of claiming you as her property.


7. Cats Meow

A cat almost never meows at another cat. They meow mostly just for us humans and cats typically spit or hiss at other cats. They meow at humans to express anything from I’m hungry or pay attention to me.


8. Hunting Lesson 101

Most cat owners see that freshly hunted dead bird or mouse as a gift from Kitty. However, this is just a kitty way of trying to teach you how to hunt. Kitty will notice your appalling lack of hunting skills and inability to catch your own food. So, kitty is just trying to teach you as she would teach one of her own kittens how to feed itself.


9. Lucky

You may have noticed a little cat figurine at an Asian business or restaurant. This fortune cat is a lucky charm that is very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures and these little plastic kitties are believed to attract good luck and fortune for their owners.


10. Popular

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States. There are 88 million pet cats and only 74 million pet dogs!


Summary: Cats are most interesting pet after dogs. Their mood is hard to predict and can change according to situation. If own a cat you will know what i meant.

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